What is healthy and sound life?

If we broadly define the healthy and sound life, it would be exactly opposite of what most people are currently living. Healthy life is where a person is living its life to the fullest. He is physically healthy, far from diseases, stress free and able to enjoy all big and small achievements.

There is a general misconception among most of the people that healthy life is all about healthy and fit body but that is not all. Healthy life is an umbrella, whose good amount of portion is covered by Healthy Body. Other then healthy body, Healthy mental health, healthy financial health and healthy Social health are equally important. The above mentioned 4 pillars of healthy and sound life can be abbreviated as Healthy BHMS for easy remembrance.

Healthy Body refers to the body which is free from all major diseases. Healthy Mental health refers to the sound mental condition of the person. There is a reversible relationship between these 2 terms. There is an old saying that healthy mind lives in healthy body but the reverse is also true, healthy body can only be achieved when a person has a good mindset.

Healthy Financial health refers to the financial well being of a person. If a person has regular source of income and he is able to save and investment some of proportion of his salary for future then a person can be said to be financially healthy or sound. Some people may not agree with this definition as for them just mere meeting all needs and saving small amount for future may not be enough but it is very subjective and would highly vary in a population. Healthy Social health refers to the person’s reputation and image in the society he lives in. Above explained 3 parameters contribute greatly towards the Social health. Along with above mentioned parameter, person’s interpersonal skills, his Emotional quotient and decision making  also plays important roles in defining one’s social health.


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